iOS Audio Control – Russound

Created Prototype, Performed Usability Testing, Wireframing

Russound TCH1

About this project

Russound’s RNET Touchpoint allows for direct access and remote control of a multiroom audio system from an Apple iPhone or iPod touch. The Touchpoint provides control of any zone in a Russound RNET enabled multiroom audio system along with metadata feedback.

My Involvement

With the product in the final stages of development, I was given the opportunity to review the interface, features and functionality to identify areas that might negatively impact its usability. I prototyped the interface and tested it with surrogate users and created new wireframes.


Zone Now PlayingZone ListZone SettingsZone Settings

I decided the best path to take was to create and test a clickable PDF prototype usingscreen shots of the current build limited the screens to specific key tasks. I provided notification screens when users went beyond the prototype capabilities. To save time, surrogate users were recruited from within the company which had no prior exposure to the product. 

Usability Testing

The moderator guide focussed on the tasks which I felt had the greatest UI deficiencies. The context which the questions were asked was based on use case scenarios. Because surrogate users were chased, their pre-existing domain knowledge afforded the ability to use language that might otherwise be leading.      Moderating sample


Testing results revealed many features in the UI that had a low task completion success rate. I reviewed the data with the developers and discussed possible solutions to estimate development time and potential risks in prioritizing my recommendations. The data was captured in a spread sheet and then moved into a PowerPoint presentation given to key stakeholders for approval.


TCH1 Wireframe

I created annotated wireframes using Axure for all of the recommended changes which were approved. These efficiently conveyed to development teams the necessary changes saving development time.

Future Concept

Touchpoint Future

I’ve since revisited the Touchpoint project to create an alternate design concept that would lift the user experience up a level while addressing some of the limitations imposed by the original schedule and development constraints.  I created an interactive prototype using Axure that aims to streamline the tasks for selecting audio / video content to be distributed to various rooms in a residence.