iOS Consumer Health App

Personas, Task Flows, Storyboards, Information Architecture


About this project

This project targeted end users which needed a native iOS application that managed diabetes insulin therapy being delivered via a wearable device. Funding for this project was placed on hold and I had left the project prior to completion. Content has been altered and client references have been sanitized from samples to maintain anonymity.

My Involvement

My role in this project was as a contributing leader for the development of deliverables and to facilitate communication and design reviews with key stakeholders including Product Management and Executive level.

Persona Creation

Personas were created to help use case development to empathize with and understand specific user types’ needs and pain points. Project constraints pre-determined that personas could only be based on a combination of resident Subject Matter Expert(s)’ personal experience and second hand knowledge conveyed by user advocate individuals. As such, these personas would be limited in their ability to validate design goal achievement without user research to back them up.


Task flow creation

Task flows are always helpful with working on safety critical projects. By mapping out the use case logic as defined in requirements they helped facilitate a closer relationship with product owner. They also created the opportunity for improvement of the requirements by streamlining use cases and eliminating wasteful loops and dead ends in the flow.

Story board creation

After reviewing the site, it was necessary to reevaluate the workflows for various key tasks. This was done thr


Information Architecture

Using the task flow diagrams, we could frame the hierarchy for the information architecture. This would become foundational in determination of optimum navigation methods. It would also help identify areas where content could be best split across multiple views on a mobile device with a limited display size.