B2B Responsive Web – SalesGoose

Created Task Flows, Sketching, Wireframing

About this project

SalesGoose is a B2B SaaS product which facilitates sales engagement for effective time management and accelerated decision making.

salesgoose in montior and iphone

My Involvement

I was brought in as a UX consultant to create the interaction design concepts to support mobile and desktop/tablet device users. This required an in depth review and revisions to product requirements to define necessary business logic. After which I took a mobile-first approach in a responsive design to facilitate cross-browser functionality.

*Project confidentiality prevents detailed versions of deliverables to be made publicly available

Task Flows

Using the product requirements and expected use cases as a guide, I created task flow diagrams to map out the steps and interactions users’ would make in completing the various tasks. A feedback loop was established as these were created to revise requirements for any omissions and/or errors in the business logic that were revealed. The tool I used for creating the task flow diagrams was Axure.


Sketching first

Once the task flows were established, I sketched out concepts to review and revise based on evolving use cases. This was the most efficient way to iterate. The mobile first approach allowed content to be based on business goals rather than layout restrictions as when scaling a desktop UI down to mobile.

SalesGoose Mobile Sketch 1


Once a design was approved, I settled back into Axure to create annotated wireframes. These were reviewed with key stake holders and revised when necessary to meet incremental feature changes and use case scenarios as the project developed.

SalesGoose Wireframe Mobile

SalesGoose Wireframe Desktop