Desktop Data Aggregation – Rapid Insight

Usability evaluation, report of findings with recommendations

Update: In October 27, 2021 EAB announced the acquisition of Rapid Insight. The product formerly called “Veera 5” under the Rapid Insight brand has since been branded “Rapid Insight” under EAB.

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About this project

Rapid Insight makes powerful and user-friendly solutions that help higher education leaders explore and analyze data in critical areas such as enrollment, fundraising, and academic performance.

Rapid Insight’s Veera 5 is a powerful data aggregation and automated data preparation software that does some amazing things. Veera had already undergone robust design changes for Version 5 and was in the pre-release testing phase. With a pending release schedule, the company did not have the time needed to perform a formal usability study. However, they did want to make sure that they weren’t overlooking things which might have a negative impact on usability as that was a key goal of the Version 5 build.

My Involvement

I was brought in strictly to evaluate the product to identify any usability concerns and provide recommendations for resolution or mitigation.

Usability Evaluation

The purpose of the review was to identify areas that contribute to poor usability of the pre-release version. The goals were to provide an organized list of issues, their relative severity as it pertains to user experience, and to identify recommended mitigation strategies. My approach was that of a new user and it was noted that any limitations in domain knowledge and business case requirements might limit review of specific use cases of more complex workflows.











Here’s a look at their release version