About Me

As a kid, I took things apart as soon as I learned to use a screwdriver. Nothing was safe! New gadgets would eventually be dissected to their core to see how they worked and when I put them back together, it frequently included one or more modifications meant to improve their use.

As an adult, I see the potential for improvement in things I encounter daily. Whether it’s build quality, features, usability, cost, or something else. To want to improve things has always been part of who I am. To find ways to achieve that has been part of who I’ve become.

My Work Style

I’m all about efficiency. I create streamlined workflows by leveraging the most effective tools and processes while avoiding those that don’t deliver. As a result, I’m able to design comprehensive product interfaces that incorporate complex features in a timely manner with less iteration. My experience in successfully integrating agile development methodologies into the UX teams I’ve lead has been very rewarding. Especially when corresponding development teams are able improve their performance as a result. I am a stickler for details. It’s the small stuff that will trip you up most times. I’m all about data and use it whenever possible to drive iterative design cycles and metrics. If I don’t have it, I’ll find a way to get it, or conduct research to obtain it. I also view project constraints to have similar value to project requirements because they frame the scope of work and allow me to focus efforts on what will be most effective.

As an experienced manager, I lead by example. As a practitioner, I like to collaborate in larger groups for shared knowledge and consensus, then execute the work independently or in small groups. I love to get my hands dirty whether I’m a manager or a contributor. I integrate well across organizational hierarchy and am a champion for a user-centered development process. The goal is to make sure everyone is on the same page and headed in the right direction.


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