iOS Shopping App Concept

Product Requirements, Task flow diagraming, Prototype Creation

The Challenge: Make a mobile app in one month

“Anything from a fully-functional prototype right on up to a finished product available on an app store. Native or web. Alone or with a team.”

Got It! Start_Page

About this project

The Make Sh*t Happathon was a four-week event sponsored by two New Hampshire companies, PixelMEDIA and Dyn, and was organized by Shawn Grant and Alfonso Fabrega. Knowing that creativity flourishes when under a time constraint, their goal was to inspire (and challenge) people to work together and create something mobile in a month.

My involvement

I joined a provisional 4 person team as the UX Designer and contributed my product management skills as well.

The Concept

Our concept was to create a grocery shopping app that would do more than just create and share shopping lists. It would be tied into the food distributor’s database and grocery stores’ plan-o-gram for product placement within each location to provide the shopper with accurate inventory details.  The shopping list would then be mapped to a store-specific floor plan to get you in and out as quickly as possible. In addition, it would also let the shopper know which stores had what percentage of items on their list. That way a data driven decision could be made for which store to shop driven by convenience versus completeness.

Got It! Start_PageI contributed to feature definitions, created user tasks, user flows and, based on the time constraints we had to work with, went straight past wireframing into prototype development.


In total, I spent approximately 35 hours on the project including collaboration meetings and deliverables. The resulting prototype was used as a proof-of-concept that demonstrates to key stakeholders and potential investors what the intended functionality of the application would be once developed. I used Axure RP to create the prototype.